Children’s day,Children’s heart,Tijump’s dream

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Children’s day in 2018,We held a party in our company,make a warm, memorable and unforgettable memory for employees and children of our departments.

Staffs preparing the party~

Lively laughter,full of fun. The cute babies  is the angels fall into the mortal and enjoy the annual festival that belongs to them.

We has prepared a variety of game, as well as a variety of exquisite and interesting small gifts. The babies are actively involved and the atmosphere is warm. Various games have fully displayed their enthusiasm and interaction.

The company has also prepared a sumptuous food  for the children. all babies shows a happy eating face

Record moments when parents and babies interact

The staff shows their appreciation to the company

We always been committed to the construction of various forms of corporate culture. It is used to attract employees and unite the people, establish an outstanding employee team of “love, dedication, gratitude, and dedication” and create quality products to repay the society.

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